All set for the magical night of San Juan


The biggest annual party is set to take place on beaches across the region on Friday night, June 23, to celebrate the festival of San Juan.
And the following night Alicante will be on fire as the Hogueras statues are set ablaze throughout the city.



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  1. Dear sirs
    Go any where for a vacation but don’t come tontorrevija or the sorounding areas unless you want to be disappointed.
    Having had an apartment in Punta Prima
    For 10 years watching the difficulties bar and restaurants have had to endure to survive
    The outlook locked optermitic
    However after watching the action by the environmental police stopping music on punta prima beach
    For what they claimed were complaints by noise completely dungounds me
    The artists play towards the sea therefore and sounds donot reflect back into the urbanisation
    There is continuall building taking place
    With hammer drills lifts and Crains going up and down with health and saftey alarms going off
    Yet we are hearing complaints of noise from music this is total rubish and has a hidden agenda
    I strongley suggest any one thinking of buying s property Or coming for s holiday to the torre area Firget it
    The area is being stifled of progress or enlighten Ment for joy



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