‘Weeping Willow’ (A fictitious poem of lost love)


I went back to a place I knew.
A meadow where wild flowers grew.
I wasn’t sure what I would find.
Years after I’d left it behind.
But there it was just as before.
Just like a carpet on the floor.
Of flowers wild and coloured bright.
Poppies, daisies what a sight.
And then beyond the willow tree.
Still weeping like it’s wept for me.
Beside a pond where once we sat.
You in your summer dress and hat.
That shaded your hypnotic eyes.
Behind which stored so many lies.
We kissed we hugged.
We made sweet love.
The day warmed by the sun above.
I carved initials in the tree.
I thought our love would always be.
And there now etched into the bark.
I found she’d cut a question mark.
A mark I’d never seen before.
My initials gone for evermore.
Now I was old and still unwed.
The only love I knew was dead.
She’d made her life with someone else.
Whilst I was left upon the shelf.
My bitter tears now memories past.
I loved her to the very last.
Now I would not come back again.
The pasture now a place of pain.
The flowers now looked pale and sad.
Respecting the sweet love I had.
The weeping willow weeping still.
Forget my love.
I never will !

By David Whitney
Torrevieja ©2024

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