Tram to ALC airport

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In CBN April 19, 2024 the plans for a tram from Elche/Elx to ALC airport are described.

I am pro rail and public transport and I welcome any reasonable investments.

Investing in high-speed rail in Spain (AVE) and other countries is not, in my opinion, always reasonable.

In many towns it has become necessary to build a new station way out of town like Elche AVE.

Elche has apparently tired of the discussion of a rail connection to the airport and they intend to build a tram line (in stages) instead.

The bus connections to ALC airport are not really that bad but finding information is (as usual) rather difficult.

So, by all means go ahead with the tram.

But – sooner or later somebody may want to connect it to the Alicante tram network so please make it compatible with the Alicante system, metre gauge and overhead power collection!

All aboard!
Bertil Hylén,

Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


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