Vaccine rollout concerns


April 17
Playa Flamenca

I have been reading in many reports on the Vaccine roll out in the Valencia region and have a very very serious concern about an apparently ignored age group.

In none of these reports have I read any mention of the 66-69 age group being included in any call. It is reported widely that the over 70’s group are approaching completion and recently the 60-65 age group have been called to received their jabs, yet nowhere has their been any mention of the 66-69 age group.

My wife in the younger age group has received her first jab yet I in the 66-69 age group and having an at risk underlying medical condition have not received any communication. I am also aware of others concerned about this serious gap in the roll out with this age group being left in limbo not knowing when they are to be called.

Can you throw any light on this serious situation?

Eric Millar

Hi Eric, all residents in their 60s have now been lumped together and are being inoculated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

This vaccination age group is now 60 to 69.

You should expect to hear from the health authorities soon to go for your vaccination.

The Editor

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