Urbanisation downsized


Orihuela Costa
April 30

Your informative piece on the above in Costa Blanca News on Friday, 27 April – 3 May is absolutely essential and it is hoped that the number of residents who spend most of the year here will read and digest it.
As one of these residents, to increase the building of yet more properties in this area seems madness. As things stand, the services needed for the existing properties are proving inadequate. Problems with inadequate drains, especially sewage, are evident even now from time to time. Traffic problems are a nightmare on the very small island on the Nicolas de Bussi road. Coaches cannot navigate the island – they very often block the road, creating dangerous situations. Since the new mall – The Boulevard – was built, the flow of traffic has increased dramatically.
Playa Flamenca used to be a quiet, pleasant place to live, which I have to say has changed. Areas designated for leisure are now being used as spaces which look like dumps for all kinds building materials (see space along Nicolas de Bussi road). Inadequate parking alongside Mercadona, cars along that road park bumber to bumper.
The Saturday market, although much used, causes local residents problems with huge amounts of plastic flying about, settling in swimming pools and blocking drains and skimmers. The planning department in Orihuela do not seem to have a clue.
The whole area needs to be looked into by people who actually know what planning means.

Yours sincerely
Resident of Nicolas de Bussi

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