Death of the old town


April 29, 2018

Apologies if you have already covered this topic, but I just had to do something!
As a long-standing visitor to Benidorm, we have stayed in the new town and on one occasion even been part of a stag party.
Being a gay couple we have obviously always preferred the old town bars and restaurants, not just because they are safer but because they are more friendly.
This Saturday we had the misfortune to sit in Olivers bar and were shocked to see it overflowing with stag and hen parties who had been encouraged down from the new town by ‘tour guides’ .
Truthfully and most sincerely, I have never heard such language or witnessed such behaviour. Actively verbally abusing the LGBT population as they walked past.
I simply couldn’t believe that both Bar 69 and Olivers were serving them.
The whole atmosphere was like a tinderbox.
Families in the tapas bars were staring and leaving. Once the old town is swamped by these embarrassments to the UK it will trigger the end of the old town as a safe place to sit, drink and dine, regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation.
I hope that these bars realise that a few months with full tills will result in many years with them empty and a business/property that has no resale value.

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