Poor turn out from foreign residents

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June 7

Now that the ‘dust is settling’ following the recent local and regional elections, the political landscape of Spain has changed quite dramatically; sadly with a shift to the right. I do hope that Pedro Sánchez’s snap election in July, does not see the country surge further right.

With EU countries such as Poland, Hungary and Italy under extremely right wing governments, there is a very worrying shift in the political landscape. Unfortunately, support for the far-right Spanish party Vox, has increased in many areas and the Partido Popular would no doubt seek their support, should they ‘win’ the national election, but fall short of an outright majority. Having a country, where any far-right group can ‘call the shots’ should concern any fair-minded individual.

Although the vast majority of foreign residents cannot vote in national elections, their complacence, indifference or whatever other reason for not voting in the local elections, just beggars belief! Two examples of where this ‘cap fits’ is in Alfaz del Pi and San Fulgencio, both of which have an enormous foreign resident presence of 55% and 77%, respectively.

According to the CBNews, just 844 foreigners voted in Alfaz. Given that the municipality has a population of over 20,000, I would like to know what the 10,000+ foreigners were doing on election day? And with less than 55% of the 8,000 population in San Fulgencio, turning out to vote, where on earth were the 6,000 foreigners on May 28?

I did try to encourage people to vote, by posting on various ‘expat’ Facebook groups, where there are thousands of subscribers. A total of three people ‘liked’ the posts! And there is no excuse for those being out of the country, as postal votes are easy enough to arrange.

So many people throughout history, have fought and suffered to allow us to vote. Whatever way we choose to vote, we should all exercise our right to do so.


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