‘Unfair market practices’ over Covid testing for travellers

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Costa Blanca News readers responded on our Facebook page to this story and shared their thoughts and experiences

Sylvia Fitzpatrick:
Closing the gate after the horse has bolted! Thousands of people have been ‘robbed’ from the beginning!
Obviously, someone in government had fingers in the pie of a testing company…..as usual! Just hope those who have been overcharged receive some money back.
Not holding my breath on that one.

Lisa Ann Brown:
We paid £75 for day 2 tests. I got mine back. Husband has heard nothing.
No contact from the government’s Test and Trace.
So what’s the point of giving them all the details on the locator forms if they don’t follow up? It’s all about the money.

Lynne Sanders:
We never got my husband’s test results after paying £160, after four emails no joy!
Then a legal letter. That did the trick, put back in the bank in four hours.
Just keep on, you will get your money back

Mary-Louise Chandler:
I didn’t ever receive my day 8 test and so far no refund!

Anne Scott:
Money making scam and don’t get me started on government officials who awarded big PPE contracts to their mates

Alison Hothersall:
And very unclear now whether an antigen test is sufficient for the fully vaccinated to go back to UK. Gov UK website says PCR is advisory but travel minister saying it must be a PCR test which is much more expensive

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