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August 9

Two letters in the past couple of editions have highlighted the appalling disregard the council have for Orihuela Costa when it comes to the distribution of monies for services.

Graham Shelton’s August 6 hits the nail on the head when he says it’s no good complaining in English. Is it not time representation was made to the Valencian authorities, as presumably they have the ultimate responsibility to oversee the various councils’ fiscal management? ( forgive my naivety if that’s not the case).

However if that is the case, on behalf of the residents of Orihuela Costa, many of who are Spanish of course, I ask the Costa Blanca News to contact the Valencian government (in Spanish of course!) outlining the many issues raised over the years and ask them to carry out a full and fair audit of the finances of Orihuela council as far as they pertain to Orihuela Costa.

Simon White

Hi Simon, thank you for your letter. Local authorities manage their own budgets and it is the council which decides where and how to spend that money. You may agree or disagree with the priorities that your town hall has.

Every four years residents who are registered to vote have the opportunity to have their say on the policies of their council when the local elections come around.

The Editor

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