Footpath motorcyclists tracked down by police

Photo: City hall

A pair of motorcyclists have been reported for riding around footpaths in rural Elche, following an investigation by local police into a complaint from a member of the public a few months ago.
According to city hall, the witness he had been out exercising on a woodland path in the district of Ferriol when three motorbikes appeared, all with their number plates partially covered to prevent them from being identified.
The man saw one of them fall off after he ran into a rock, and he scolded them for their actions but they ignored him and continued their ride.
The witness was able to record a video, which he gave to the police so they could try to identify the people responsible.
Officers cross-referenced information from various databases with social networks, which enabled them to locate and identify two of the three motorcyclists involved, who had uploaded videos of part of their rides through unauthorised areas onto Instagram and YouTube.
As a result, two men, father and son, have been reported for driving a cross-country motor vehicle along forest footpaths.
‘At least one’ of the suspects has previous police records for similar infringements, the city hall spokesman added.


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