UK Car hire complaint Gandía


January 20

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to the attention of your readers a very unpleasant experience I recently had with a car hire company at Newcastle airport.
Having booked the car through Ryanair using their services for the first time, and having also bought from them an excess refund policy, I was informed by this company (Easirent) that this insurance does not deliver.
This turned out to be true, their claim form does not make sense, then the email was returned. I was persuaded to buy their claims reduction policy (£18 per day!) Which brought down the excess to £750.
I was then offered a dirty car that I insisted on having washed, checked their damage report, 7 items. Upon returning the car, I was immediately shown a nick on the offside front tyre, the rest of the car wasn’t checked, and I was then driven to the airport in the same car. A couple of weeks later I discovered that €440 had been twice deducted from my card, later €426 was refunded (fluctuations?)
Since early October, I have been trying to obtain some info about the damage, first of all with Cartrawler who passed me on to Ryanair, and then to Easirent who, as yet have still not replied. I was wondering if any of your readers might have had a similar experience with this firm, which I consider very suspicious. They have a rating of 5.4 with Ryanair which I was not aware of beforehand otherwise I would not have used them.
While we are on the subject of Ryanair, My wife and I have used them since 25 years, we travel to Germany 3-4 times per year and taking everything into consideration we give them top marks, they were also very helpful trying to solve the car hire problem.

Jim Lowes

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