Stop the Carry-On Chaos!

Many passengers try to squeeze more into the carry-on bags to avoid paying to check in luggage

Ryanair has done a lot in recent years to become more customer friendly and less adversarial. One of its most popular measures was introducing a second bag allowance in 2013. This has led to many passengers trying to squeeze more and more into their carry-on to avoid paying to check in luggage.
But it’s getting ridiculous now, so much so that the airline’s bosses are moaning that people are taking the you know what. For once, I’m on the side of Ryanair and I hope they scrap their policy, because it’s gone beyond a joke.
I don’t blame anyone for trying to circumvent the rules, but people are taking too many liberties with oversized bags, rucksacks filled to bursting point, babies with kitchen sinks hidden away in their nappies and toddlers struggling with suitcases. Then just when most people have settled into their seats the last passenger turns up wheeling rule-breaking sized cases. He or she then spends a frantic few minutes going up and down the aisle looking for places to squeeze them in.
So, please Ryanair, put an end to the carry-on chaos. Although having said that, I hope you don’t stop the practice of passengers coming on board wearing four pullovers, three sweaters, a hat filled with t-shirts and pockets full of underwear.

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