And on the 3,000 Abandoned villages


March 18

I applaud the regional government for offering millions of euros to young people to farm in rural communities. But, as your article states people have left these areas because they have no services, and suffer from lack of services such as health and increasing access to internet. There is a huge population of “older retirees” looking for quiet, peaceful, cheap housing. I lived such a village for a while, and was told be the few Spanish residents still there that our group the older retirees had bought the village back to life. We had no shop, no bus. We did have a couple of bar restaurants. Our nearest store was a 5 minuet drive, where we could also find the GP, Pharmacy, bakery and Bar. Our nearest town was a 15 min drive, which had all the usual amenities, and we were 40 minutes from the beach. What I am saying is that we don’t need so much infrastructure as young families. If the money was spent on a GP surgery and a bus to the nearest town a couple of times a day. Cheap rent for someone to open a shop/bar, these villages too might come back to life?

Irene Johnson

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