Theft, Alicante airport security check


October 21, 2016

Some friends of ours had a very bad experience at Alicante airport, and apparently others have had this happen to them too. In fact, some other people behind them, it happened to them on the same day!
On entering for the security check-up, you place your loose belongings in the tray then pass forward to the body scan. Whilst you are busy being checked, your eye is not looking at the tray. When my friends went to collect their trays, the man had had his bag stolen! The police were not interested… he had his passport, money and air flight tickets in this bag. No one was interested. Whilst in shock, another couple had the same happen to them!
Our friends obviously missed their flight and after making an official report to the police, spent the night in the airport. The next morning, they were at the Embassy trying to get emergency passports, which they did, buy new flights tickets, and in total it cost them €800 for all of this. They were distressed and angry. The other couple were with them at the Embassy too. This is a terrible scam and people should be warned to go into security separately and watch their belongings. You trust these establishments!
Maybe you have heard about this before. Just thought it is good to be forewarned of all these scams.

Rosy Wildsmith

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  1. My friends flew out of Alicante airport yesterday afternoon back to the Uk. At security check cash and a bank card were taken from her handbag. As they have pointed out there are only staff and other travellers at this point. they know who they feel are the culprits!!

  2. Alicante airport is bad. We accidentally left an iPad on a Norwegian plane and realised as soon as we got off. We told the staff at the gate and they said we had to report it at the baggage carousel. We did. They said the found it and what was returned was a laptop that was so old and battered no one would own one. I have heard of similar stores from this airport. The theft at this airport is rife. Traveller Beware.


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