“The Party’s Over”

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Was there a party? I’m not sure
Now did I break the rules?
I bought a bottle, brought my wife
I treated you like fools
Now was it a works meeting?
It looked that way to me
Though there wasn’t any paperwork
Around for me to see
I had some cheese, remember that
I guzzled down some wine
Whilst you were all in lockdown
I was having a good time
Well I am above you people
I can tell what lies I like
The rules I make I choose to break
So you minions take a hike
I’m the leader of the country
You morons chose my lead
My cabinet’s behind me
So you better all take heed
I can have as many parties
As I jolly well desire
As it seems my reign as PM now
Looks likely to expire!

A poem by David Whitney c2022

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