Carry on gardening

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January 20

I really enjoyed the gardening article in your paper, written by a gentleman, who like most of us was trying to get plants to grow, but made mistakes along the way. I look forward to hearing from him again soon.

Quite a few of us here in the Costa Blanca have huge amounts of land, and it all seems very easy at the beginning but as time goes on it becomes more trouble then pleasure.

I think we are all now more into growing our own vegetables and feeling very pleased with ourselves when we achieve the finished product, it might not be straight, or the same size like the supermarkets but tastes so much fresher and we can then share with friends because we have so much of it. So everyone wins.

I also enjoy reading about the amazing walks, the way the articles are written, it’s as if you are there enjoying them yourself.

Pauline Wonder

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