The Mar Menor

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August 31

Dear Editor,

To the powers that be who are in a bit of a stew as to what needs to be done about the sad state of the Mar Menor. Surely, the answer to the problem is to widen the narrow gap into the open sea?

If the gap was enlarged, it would enable a much needed amount of sea water into the lagoon.

As the advert on television tells us, DO SOMETHING!”

Many thanks,

Joy Lennick

Hi Joy, thanks for writing in and voicing your concern about this very serious issue.
This is something that has been proposed. However, many scientists are against it as it would change the very delicate balance of the ecosystems in the Mar Menor, which have come about over many millions of years of evolution. Like you, we hope that a lasting solution to save this incredible salt water lagoon can found quickly before it is too late,
The Editor

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