Inner strength

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August 29

A poem dedicated to ex marine Pen Farthing, inspired by his desperate plight to secure the safety of his staff and animals in Afghanistan.

Stoic and determined
A man with inner strength
Somebody with a passion
Who will go to any length
To get his many animals
Away from danger spots
Heading into brick walls
And ‘Red Tape’ and terror plots
Pen Farthing showed such courage
Though his hopes were often lost
In the panic and confusion
And lives tragically lost
Praying for his loyal staff
Fighting back the tears
Their good work all for nothing
Over many happy years
Wondering why evil
Could overcome what’s good
When prevention was the answer
Seems nobody understood
Heartbroken for the people
That he had to leave behind
God help them in the aftermath
God give them peace of mind
Almost reaching safety
But then going back to base
Nobody knows the anguish
But for tears streamed down his face
Almost giving up defeated
But his battle wasn’t done
When love consumes, you carry on
And in the end you’ve won !

by David Whitney

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