The issue of abortion


Els Poblets
July 25, 2017

The issue of abortion has been raised once again, with particular reference to Northern Ireland following Theresa May’s shady deal to cling on to power.
Contrast the dichotomy of the parents of poor Charlie Gard with the fact that hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy babies are destroyed by the will of their own mothers by way of abortion.
‘Why should a woman be forced to give birth to an unwanted child’, was the retort by one. Of course, they are not forced to. Everyone knows how babies are conceived, and how easily pregnancy is avoided.
The pro-abortionists always want to start the debate with ”what if the woman was raped, or if the foetus is seriously deformed?”. How about starting with the 99.99% of healthy potential babies without such complications. What choice do they have?
In these days of crisis for the NHS, abortions are costing £30 million per year, when some seriously ill patients are denied drugs. Pregnancy is not an illness.
The population is ageing and the birth rate is falling, yet we destroy all those innocent babies. Some of whom could be potential Albert Einsteins, Da Vincis, a Darwin or a Newton.

Paul Whitfield

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  1. Unless you walk in their shoes I would seriously shut up. Typical male, I suppose you would like women to go back to the back street abortionists, where women died without proper hospital care. Women’s bodies are their own. A fetus is just that a fetus, it is not a baby. And most women have abortions under 16 weeks.


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