Stop all-inclusive


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April 13

Need to stop the all-inclusive in Benidorm and all over Spain!
Like pigs in a pen. Never will do all-inclusive. Race to see who can eat the most disgusting!
Bring back self-catering and eating out in Spanish places.
Can’t stand English part of Benidorm. British flags all over. Horrendous looking and chavvy. Ruining the place… Troublemakers…
Old town we prefer to go. As Scottish couple we eat in Spanish places and learn Spanish.

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  1. could not agree more about the all inclusive package nightmare, they never see Spain ,all they do is eat pizza and drink rubbish alcohol, then Jet back home, really….Spain has a lot to offer, and you get better value in the streets of Spain in Spanish Bars and Resturants. you are also supporting the local industry, never liked all inclusive.


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