Stand and deliver – your money and your life

March 22
Why should self-important servants of the people take notice of seventeen million odd individuals saying we should do this? Or some sixteen million saying we should do that?
Do they think that they possess a better grasp of governmental power and rule making than the masses do – particularly on how the public ought to be ruled, and by whom? Or is it the six hundred odd sitting on green benches who know best? Moreover, do those six hundred know better than the twenty odd sitting in a cabinet? Seems not.
Only one-person claims that crown. And will fight to the death of democracy to keep it. Sadly, that individual is content to leave vital matters of State in abeyance for a further few weeks just in case something better turns-up.
In addition, that same person boasts, over and over again, they will deliver. King Canute did the same, and got his feet wet. The actual product to be delivered this time is a bit of a mystery, but might have something to do with freedom. No mention of Magna Carta though.
Perhaps a warning is appropriate. Stand and deliver is a deadly ploy with unexpected consequences. Surely, it is better to discard all unnecessary baggage and travel swiftly, and unhindered, to a destination democratically chosen by the masses?
No deals, just leave, and keep your feet dry; and stay away from the rising tide of civil disobedience. Leaving, not dealing is what the referendum was all about, was it not?
Derek M Staples
A weary 87-year-old retiree.

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