Alicante old bus station wines!


Anybody who’d been away from Alicante for a few years would have been pleasantly surprised if they’d returned, perhaps looking for the number 48 at what used to be the bus station in November!
Come to think of it, ‘Old Bus Station Wines’, sounds rather like the name of an Australian winery, bringing forth images of a wide expanse of vines just outside the dilapidated, Walk About Town, where once Crocodile Dundee types waited to catch a bus to Far Away! But there were no foreign wines when I was invited to sample what was on display at the grand Verema Alicante Tasting!
Verema is a sort of catch-all wine community. Go to their website ( and you’ll find pages detailing wines they sell, Denominación de Origen details and info, forthcoming tastings, Videos, Guides, Wine Tourism and a plethora of other wine stuff! It’s a fascinating and most useful resource.

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