Spain’s 15-day state of emergency


March 18

We did our shopping last Friday about 2pm and the shelves had no milk, water, bread, meat, toilet rolls and tissues. Over the weekend the Government announced a state of emergency and mobilised the military.
The police say that at the moment the public are not aware of the danger of the situation. Already 30,000 fines have been given since the announcement on Monday of the new laws.
For instance if you go out of our house for unnecessary journey or cycle you could be fined €60,000. You can only go out for basic things. The only places allowed to be open are supermarkets, bread shops, banks and news papers shops or kiosks. All other businesses are closed.
If you cannot take your dog for a walk, you can only take it outside to go to toilet this can be a €60,000 fine. If you go jogging you could be fined 60,000€. . If you do not have identification documents or ignore the police then you can be fined 600,000€. Today the President said in Parliament that if you ignore the restrictions then you face one year in prison and €600,000 fine.
Last night Spain closed it borders and only residents can come back to Spain. The Balearics have sent 2,500 tourists back and Benidorm have stopped tourists from coming out of their hotel and they are thinking of closing the hotels. Four ministers have the coronavirus. At the moment 560 have died and over 13,000 have the virus. Torrent in Valencia have had 3 people die.
I was shocked when speaking to my English and German friends this week that they did not know of these restrictions. Is it possible that you could inform your readers so that no one gets unexpected fine?

Yours sincerely.
David Hudson

Hi David,
I hope nearly all your questions have been answered in this week’s edition. If you have any further ones, please write back and we will come up with reliable replies next week.

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  1. Mr.Hudson you do not state where you are,experiencing these things.I am in Alfaz & went to Albir on Monday.At Lidl we were allowed to enter by a security guard,having waited in a short queue 1 mtr. apart from each other.There were plenty of supplies,including the items you listed,apart from a shelf where usually there is sliced bread.This was being washed down & I heard that fresh supplies were expected.Today,Friday in Alfaz I was able to go to 2 major supermarkets,short wait in line to enter,plenty of supplies again.In one though,the pre-packed meat was being put onto the shelves & no pan was available.However some was sitting in a trolley & a helpful assistant gave out this to myself & 2 other Spanish customers when we asked if we could have a barra.Both shops were not overcrowded either or any overloaded trollies evident.Perhaps you were in a place where mostly tourists are evident.Maybe they are planning on returning to their home country with full suitcases stashed with goodies?


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