Resident in lockdown


March 19

It was good to see that Britain are at last going towards lockdown, which we believe is the only way to combat this virus. We are here on Costa Blanca and love it, especially the coffee culture, we live in a flat which is quite isolated but it must be done.
Our parents came through two wars and we are now in a silent war, we cannot see our enemy but we know how to avoid contact. Yesterday I was feeling a bit cut off, so I said to me husband I will hide in the back of the car when you go to the supermarket and that way I can get out with you, but at the last minute decided not too.
My husband said as he drove to the supermarket he was followed by a police car which eventually pulled along side him and they looked into the car suspiciously, then drove off. I feel like big brother is watching and listening, have searched for bugs!! But no!!

Margaret Carney

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  1. I am so angry.Today,26th March,Spain has recorded over 600 deaths from the virus.Sky News says no one can suggest a reason,outstripping that of China.Here’s a hint.Recently I relocated to this area.Know the names of the workmen doing renovations for me but that is practically the limit of the people I have had any real conversations with.Of course that contact finished with lockdown.I have no family members still living in this country so I must fend for myself during this crisis.My choice to remain a resident& I am prepared to take on this challenge.Many years ago I served in the British Armed Forces,so used to observing the rules,even though as now an 80year old single person it is quite hard at this time to strictly abide by Government restrictions.Particularly about remaining indoors & very little contact while outdoors.Had to go out to the supermarket(you cannot live by bread alone it is said but that’s what I needed).Even made sure I had on a glove to press the button for the lift to ensure I could not pass on anything picked up.Arriving at my floor,exiting the lift,to get the few steps to my own door,had to squeeze between Spanish female neighbours,some from upstairs,lady from next door & even the cleaner,none wearing either a mask or gloves.I believe they all have family members locally.The mind boggles.Having lived in other countries& I do have a Spanish grandchild,I am aware that there are cultural differences & ,if we choose to live away from our own home country,should accept these.However surely it is simple common sense to observe the rules for this worldwide situation.This could be a scene in countless other Spanish edificios.Spain will continue to experience deaths in these numbers unless more of their citizens alter their habit of a lifetime,stop jaw,jaw,jaw in groups & get a grip.


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