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April 10

From the Urlisa residents association we want to share with you all a new and tragic event that took place on Friday, April 6 in Sierra de Altea.

Burglars broke into a house at about 04.00 in the morning when eleven people were sleeping. Without anyone noticing, they searched the house, entered the rooms, searched the suitcases, while the people were asleep. It is not known for sure if the thieves used some kind of sedation to be able to steal quietly without being caught, but it seems most likely.

The same house was burgled in January of this year. Two girls aged 10 and 17 were alone in the house in the afternoon as their mother had gone to run some errands. They heard noises and realised that someone had broken into the house. They called the police and their mother to tell them what was going on. The burglars discovered them and locked them in the bathroom while they ransacked the house. The police arrived about an hour after the call as, they explained, they were unable to go earlier because they were busy with another domestic violence service in the area.

It is evident that the escalation of violent robberies in the Sierra de Altea continues and that the thieves do not hesitate to use any means to enter houses and achieve their objectives. It is also evident that the security forces (police and civil guard) do not have sufficient means to fight against these organised criminal gangs.

The Urlisa Neighbourhood Association asks Altea town hall and the Guardia Civil to take the necessary measures to solve this serious problem as a matter of urgency, significantly increasing the human and material resources currently dedicated to security in the Sierra de Altea, so that the residents can start to live without fear.

Urlisa Neighbourhood Association

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