Refreshing letters


March 8, 2018

How refreshing it was to read the letters of Brian and Mr Fletcher taking Tom Draper to task for his weekly left-of-centre maundering.
Like many younger people Tom has never emerged from the campus mindset installed by his lefty NUT teachers. Taught to ignore history and its demonstration of endless failure and misery by left-wing theory he is yet to mature and support the Conservatives, as he probably will do in a decade or two. By then he might have rumbled the deception of manmade global warming, presently kept afloat by ‘the world’s scientific institutions’ who are reluctant to fess up to the myth that provides them with so much money and kudos.
I advise him to read James Delingpole, a journalist brave enough to risk character assassination for pointing out that these charlatans, together with the ‘greens’ are doing a great deal more harm than good.
Get with it Tom, the Princes of Wales’s hundred months to save the planet are up and recent discovery finds that the amount of ice in Antarctica is exactly the same today as recorded by explorers in the 1870’s and early twentieth century. This sort of knowledge, however, does not knock Western democracy and make out our ancestors’ great achievements are something to deplore and that would never do.

Yours faithfully
Peter Henham

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