Closure of UK bank accounts


Oct 4

Dear Sir,
I spoke to a member of your staff today and you may remember I spoke to you last week. I have read the bank closure article in your paper.
Could you ask your reporter to ask Sir Roger Gale to speak to Mel Stride, MP and ask him “What are the government doing to ensure that banks do not close the current accounts of UK citizens in the EU whose sole income is the state pension. Under UK law, pensioners in the EU and UK have to have a UK bank account to receive their pension. He is breaking UK law by allowing the banks to close accounts. International works and pensions centre cannot pay into a foreign account, as they would be breaking the law.
We need permanent concrete assurance that banks cannot close our accounts.
The Government’s response that ‘the EU did not reciprocate’ is a cover up. As you will see from the enclosed newspaper cutting the chancellor at that time, Mr Hammond, did nothing. Both these politicians have shown a distinct lack of stature as politicians.
I have glaucoma and cannot use the internet so I depend on reports in your paper. I also have Asthma.
I realise that this letter will not reach you in time for Parliament’s question time on Wednesday which is a pity but perhaps your reporter can still pursue it, please thank him for his efforts.
PS It seems a lot of Barclays customers are on tax avoidance schemes and not legal residents like me.

Yours faithfully
M.E Rogers


  1. It is certainly not as you stated .I have lived in Spain for very many years & had to close my English bank account at that time.When I retired,some 15 years ago,I have always had my British State pension paid into my Bank here in Spain.But at this time,I am concerned that after Brexit,it will be as you say.No one,least of all the British Govn.,seems to know either. regards Alice.


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