Praise for Ryanair – for once


January 20, 2018

Dear Sirs,
For a change I would like to say a few words in favour of Ryanair. Having flown with the airline for a good few years, I have to say that they are reliable and efficient in my opinion. When things go wrong it is mainly because people do not read the small print and the rules and regulations, and of course if there are weather problems, which are out of everyone’s control.
I think the crews deserve medals for putting up with unruly and rude people. They do their best and sometimes have to put up with abuse, especially from those who have had too much to drink on stag and hen parties. This of course does apply to all airline crews.
I think the sooner alcohol is not allowed on flights (I like a drink myself), the better for all concerned. We the public should sit back and take a look at ourselves sometimes.
Do we deserve what we demand? Maybe we go about it in the wrong way.
Well done all the Ryanair crews. I am always happy to be one of your customers.

Chris Vidal

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