Wines for The Three Kings


Be fair – they’ve travelled a long way. Plus, of course, they’ve brought with them some fantastic gifts. So the least we can do is give the Magi a drink!
And why not follow suit and offer them the gold, frankincense and myrrh of the Spanish wine world?
So, if we are to look at golden Spanish wine offerings, we have to go to the top shelf. Figuratively speaking, that is. The best wines should be kept horizontally, in the cool, in relative darkness and in sufficient humidity to stop the cork drying out, enabling oxygen to enter the bottles.
I’m sure that the Magi will have taken steps to ensure that their gifts arrived in perfect condition, and in fact, arrived at all – their value made them ideal to steal! So it is with the finest of fine wines, they have to be secure and kept in the best conditions. How sad then, to so often see in supermarkets and even in some wine shops, their top wines actually on those top shelves – where the heat rises and there are often lights, including spots!

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