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September 21

Dear Editor,

I know that the subject of paying to receive mail has been aired and answered previously, but I was under the impression that, because of Brexit, we have to pay to receive packages from Britain.

However, recently I have had to pay over €6 to receive letters from Scotland and just this week I paid over €7 to collect a small package from the USA.

When I queried this with the girl in Correos Quesada, she told me that this is as a result of a decree by the EU.

I am sure that it would be helpful to all of us if CBN would verify this statement.

Do we have to pay to receive any mail sent from outside the EU or Schengen Area or is it simply that Correos is ‘at it’?

Imagine receiving 50 Christmas cards and being asked to pay €6 a time!!

Your help would be much appreciated.


Hi Gordon, thank you for your email. We will send an email to the Correos press office and ask for an answer to your questions,
The Editor

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