Park gone to the dogs


August 26, 2017
Your story of the fight by San Miguel de Salinas residents on page 4 is sadly all too familiar in Torrevieja. You have only to turn to page 6 of the same issue to read of another park gone to the dogs!
But even these are only the tip of the iceberg in a city, which seems to have a council blind to the fact that we all seem to live on a rubbish dump. I have been calling for improvements for at least 10 years.
Last year at this time Carlos, from the office for the attention of foreigners, kindly intervened on behalf of the citizens of the Altos de la Bahia area and as a result Acciona cleared festering rubbish and dog mess, from what should be a park area, in Calle Tirso de Molino next to the Colegio Cuidad del Mar and alongside a thriving shopping complex Torremarina.
Vegetation has again been cut down and a clearance effected but now, of course, the area is again surrounded by unhealthy rubbish and dog mess. And still the park, with exercise machines for the young and elderly which was promised in 2010 by then mayor Pedro Hernández Mateo is nothing but an expanse of wasteland. The football pitch, which was put up as part of Sr Mateo’s plan, is still well used but is in a sad state of repair.
Why does the council not understand that unsightly areas such as this are a bad advert for the town? When will it make keeping the environment clean a necessity?
Clearly, the council places no priority on keeping the town fit to receive visitors. What impression of Torrevieja, and indeed Spain, must holidaymakers take home with them?
Anthony Lister

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