Astra Zenica – 60-65 age group

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July 17

Hi, I wondered about your thoughts on the Spanish health authorities treatment of the 60-65 age group.

This group was considered one of the ‘at risk’ groups, but restricted to AstraZenica.

Initially this proceeded well, but then due to the 12 week gap between doses, just about every other group overtook becoming fully vaccinated after three weeks, whilst the at risk 60-65s were left waiting for 12 weeks, or longer.

Months later, Spain is now driving the younger age groups and youth groups at speed, with many in the 60-65 group still waiting second doses.

Infection is running high from the younger age groups, but in general these age groups do not end up in hospital or die.

The 60-65 age group however remains very much at risk from hospital and from dying, especially from the Delta variant if only having one AstraZenica dose, which is only 28% effective until the second dose is done and raises this to 94%.

The AstraZenica vaccine when released was initially recommended with a four-week gap.
This changed to 12 weeks, more in order to get as many as possible 1st doses done. With the spread of the Delta variant the gap was reduced to 10 weeks in Spain, yet in many cases no second dose has still been offered, in my case now 13 weeks.

I have emailed the GVA, been to the vaccination centre in Rojales, my own medical centre in Benijófar and nobody can help arrange a second vaccine appointment.

Always just advised to wait… but I’m already way outside the recommended gap of the manufacturer and research guidelines.

I’m now told there is no AstraZenica available with no date for new supplies, so my original vaccine will become null and void if this goes on much longer and I will need to start the whole 2 dose process again.

Why, if they cannot get hold of more AstraZenica do the health authorities not offer an alternative second vaccines to the 60-65 group in order to complete this group and ensure protection?

The health authority cannot say this is unsafe, as this was offered to those under my age,


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