Overflowing rubbish

November 26
I live at La Marquesa Golf near Rojales. We have problems with overflowing bins and bags on the floor by the bins.
The reason being on the road I live Avenida de La Marquesa, which is a very long road, we had seven bins and now they have taken three bins away and leaving us just four.
So people cannot get their rubbish in the bin, so it’s put by the side of the bin. More often than not, they are only emptied every 2 days. It’s a problem created either by the refuse company or by the local town hall. We used to get our bins washed out but now they don’t bother as its all down to saving money.
The waste bins and bottle bins outside the bars here are disgusting. Not a very good advert for holidaymakers and visitors.
Kristoff Wright

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