Overcharged at Incursions Berberiscas, Los Alcázares


April 9, 2018

Good morning
I read with great interest the email from Kevin Stewart re the above. We too were invited there by some friends, as we had not been to one of these events before.
Having enjoyed a stroll around the lovely market stalls we too were drawn to the lovely round BBQ offering a selection of meats at Hosteleria Linares comercio 031360589.
Having sat down, the waiter was most off hand. We asked for salad and instead of telling us that one would be sufficient for four of us, he brought us one each.
We then asked for ribs for the four of us, which turned out to be belly pork, not the ribs we saw on the spit.
He then said: “Sausage for four.” We said only one between the two men. They brought two!
We said we did not want potatoes but they still came on the platter.
We had four drinks and when we came to pay he charged us €166. We had to pay by credit card, not carrying that sort of cash around with us.
As we left there was a Spanish family shouting “robo, robo”, as they had had a similar experience, but the waiter just took no notice.
These people should not be allowed to trade at these events and spoil a great experience. As you can imagine, our friends were most distressed too as it was them who took us there.
Please print this as the more people are aware of these unscrupulous traders the better.

Jean Heal

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