The Unknown Soldier

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With No name,No age,No rank,
An Unknown Soldier was found that day.
Lain in a common poppy field with
no final words to say.

A stray bullet took his life that day,
advancing through a battlefield alone.
Nobody knew who he really was,
but they had to bring him home.

Unknown parents waited in vain for notes
from the savage battlefront.
But no more words were ever coming home,
from a son’s promised covenant.

He has reached his final quiet refuge,
which everyone now knows.
So every year that we can thank him,
for his fight against our foes.

He never belonged to you or me,
but was someone’s Unknown missing son.
He will belong throughout our times,
now Known to everyone.

He always is remembered as Unidentified,
as a symbol for mankind.
He is the catalyst to precipitate, all the
Unknown Souls he left behind.
But with no marker,cross or Family grave,
his greatest call to fame.
Each time that Last Post is called,our Lord
knows our Unknown Heroes name.

With regards from Mick Scarles
(SW19 expat)

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