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March 9

Is it the case of the coast for sale at any price or is the mayor and PP trying to buy votes at any price?

Over the past few years, land here on the coast was auctioned off, where has all that money gone? The mayor pledged that some/most would be used for the coast, has it?

The last few months the propaganda machine has been working overtime, to promote the amount of work being done here on the coast, for example, the €72,000 for repairs around La Glea beach, painting a few white lines, clearing parks etc, which was most probably carried out on the cheap. Photos of the councillors and mayor were taken, portraying them as being concerned.

Last week the council promised the missing footbridge over the AP-7 motorway, after 16 years of paralysis, saying it will be ready by April 2023.

The bridge, parks, repairing potholes, painting white lines is just an attempt to buy votes in the May elections 2023, just one month after the bridge is supposed to be ready, is this just a coincidence? No, the reason is quite simple if you look back over the past local elections.
PP have consecutively lost two seats in past elections. In 2019, PP had nine seats, in 2015 they had 11 seats and ten years ago, in 2011 they had 13 seats. If the trend continues, in the 2023 elections, the results could mean the PP will have only six or seven seats and that amigos, would depend on all of us living here in Orihuela Costa.

Partido Independencia Orihuela Costa (PIOC) continue to campaign for Independence for Orihuela Costa, with your support they will endeavour to ensure all the government ‘false’ promises are kept to the satisfaction of everyone living in Orihuela Costa.

The delays of promised services and support for the residents of Orihuela Costa are so numerous, that they feel discriminated against, especially when they know the majority of their taxes is spent on white elephant projects in the city of Orihuela or updating existing services in the city and villages surrounding the city.

Having to wait 16 years for a footbridge over the AP-7 motorway, 11 years for an emergency centre housing a full time police station, ambulance service and fire services, which they had forgotten existed until PIOC reminded them at a plenary session, 15 years for a second medical centre, 15 years for a cultural centre with a public library, is certainly not acceptable to the residents of Orihuela Costa, who in turn now have the advantage of time to register to vote before the next elections in May 2023 and realise their dream of independence, with councillors from the coast working to provide adequate services and infrastructure needed for everyone living in Orihuela Costa, the jewel in the crown of Costa Blanca.

You must declare your intention to vote to make sure you are on the voting register for the 2023 elections in May.

Kind regards,
Peter Houghton

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