We arrived by car, but Badacsony, Hungary, can be reached by train and by ferry, from various other small ‘ports’ nestled on the attractive banks of the beautiful Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, home to Sturgeon, Carp and many other species (we saw a snake swimming past us one day!).

A plethora of shops near the village’s ample parking included: fishing equipment, tourist trivia, swimming apparel, fashion emporia, bars, restaurants, grocers and, far more interestingly for me, wine merchants!

At first sight there seemed to be a rather disproportionate number of taxis, for such a small place, and, like worker ants, all were incessantly busy!

However, as this is wine country, and as we approached the Borbirtok Winery, proud producers of the Laposa range of fine white wines, we understood the demand for taxi transport. The place was buzzing with folk, all keen to try the wines of the several wineries that adorn the rising hills nearby.

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