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October 28, 2016

Mrs Oliver
I am one of those British citizens who has been outside the UK for more than 15 years so denied a vote in the referendum. Hardly a democratic vote, but hey, we are to get back our chance in 2020 – hope at least most of us “oldies” are around for that.
I can sit on the fence because I operated a business here for the required years to gain a Spanish pension. But I dislike the view that you think other expats should be “Spanish” because of the time spent as resident here.
I served in the British armed forces and vowed allegiance to our Queen, so there is no question of having anything except British nationality. Also, like so many others, I have paid into the British tax system and have a pension because of this. It is wrong that those who emigrated to our colonies have had THEIR pensions frozen, etc, I think to pay for the misfits who in UK depend on free payouts (called “my entitlements”) to fund them. Perhaps you should be shouting at them rather.
Why is it that the British are in favour of space exploration when it is thought that crossing a strip of water into another place is deemed, like Mrs Oliver, to be beyond that lady’s comprehension.

Celia Symonds

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