Hospitals start recovery plans


Local health departments around the Valencia region are rescheduling operations and appointments that had been cancelled.

The move comes as the number of admissions of Covid-19 patients to hospital wards has dropped sharply.

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  1. My friend told me you had an article (a few weeks ago) regarding a new health facility in Malaga and mentioned the need for English speaking nurses…I am a UK registered nurse and if you could give me the hospital/health centre contact details I would be very grateful.

    • Hi Alison, sorry for the delay in replying but we would need a little more detail in order to find the article you refer to, as Málaga is not an area that we normally cover in our news coverage. It is also worth pointing out that a UK registered nurse would not be allowed to practise in Spain without getting their qualifications ‘standardised’ (homologación) with those which are required in this country.


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