“In A World of Cruel Despair”


(a poem ref the terrible school tragedy in the USA)

God Bless those little children
Whose lives meant little worth
To a gunman on the rampage
Who deserved no place on Earth
What evil fed his ego
Was his soul as cold as ice
Did he want his name in headlines
Did the devil give advice
How can gun laws be so flimsy
Why do children have to die
Leaving families bereft for life
Forever wondering ‘Why?’
Those innocent and playful
Who went happily to school
Who didn’t get to go back home
When terror chose to rule
God Bless those shielding teachers
Who died trying to protect
How brave to face the gunman
Who showed little intellect
Now families are grieving
They will never be the same
And lax gun laws in the USA
Will see it happening again
God Bless those little children
May they prosper in God’s care
Each tear for them a memory
In a world of cruel despair.

By David Whitney
Torrevieja c 2022

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