Going mobile

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May 16

Dear Sir,

As we live in this fast moving world of technology, my question is, can we really live without our mobile phones these days? And all the social media that comes with it?

The obvious answer is no we can’t, how often do you look around you during the day only to see your friends, family, work colleagues all engrossed in their mobile phones as if nothing else exists.

The younger generation spend hours and hours on their phones all day long.

And social media, fashion, dress codes, looks, it’s all taken over, everyone wants to look the same, it’s like a competition to see how many Barbie lookalikes there are – crazy if you ask me!

Even when you go out for a drink or dinner in the evening, you see couples just sitting there, both on their phones, with nothing to say or talk about.

It’s really sad that the world has come to this.

And if we start talking about online dating, well that’s a whole different subject, there are so many apps that have come out now that make dating a lot easier than ever, there are apps for every age and style so no one has to go out and find their new date, crazy as it seems, we seem to like talking to people online more than real people we know in person.

There are also apps that will write you letters, give you sample email responses, help you with your essays for your exam results, so imagine soon we won’t even have to use our brains and the internet will do everything for us!

Anyway, just a thought, next time you’re out and about, look around and count the number of people you see looking at their mobile phones.

Name withheld


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