Agreeing and disagreeing

November 24
Just want to agree with every word in the article by Brain. Sooooo true, can’t bring myself to vote for any of them.
Name withheld… Problem is a lot of dog mess is from dogs who are either a stray, or simply let out of the home by irresponsible dog owners. Those of us who do care are all tarred with the same brush, which is wrong.
Riitta Wahlstrum, I agree with all you say, but why do people, think other people should create clubs to do this that and the other. Start the club and ask people to join you, which would be a better way to do it.
Not sure who wrote this one. Nicole’s new beau… when someone is headlines on a page in a newspaper for having something new, and then call it a secret, well that’s beyond me. Maybe it should have read has been secretly dating rather than is dating?.
Well that’s me done for today, look forward to next week’s edition.
Name missing


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