In the blue corner…..

July 29
The contenders are in their corners (I think both are blue), the bell rings and the crowd shouts, ‘may the best man win’.
Thereafter, the debates go on, and on. Already many listeners and audiences are now bored rigid. A lot of hot air and platitudes in abundance. Some silly suggestions without merit. But not much in the way of substantive facts. But perhaps facts are not pertinent at this stage?
Why? Because smart negotiators know that you do not tell an opponent what you are about to plan or do. That has already been tried.
Never alert those who wish to create mischief or harm. Correctly, perhaps, that is why our prospective PM’s do not reveal what their detailed intentions are, in respect of a possible ‘no-deal’ scenario. A difficult dilemma, because people do need to know about their future.
In battle, the cry is ‘keep your powder dry’; in business, its ‘best practice’; in politics it’s ‘to protect from attack’.
The attacks are relentless, often subtle, and always aimed at people’s fears. For example, cries of ‘we will run out of medicines, and other vital supplies, therefore we should remain! Nonsense. The EU is not the only producer of medicines or vital supplies. Supplies are available worldwide.
All are familiar with the major worldwide delivery companies. They have fleets of Jumbo type aircraft that move vast loads all over the globe. They do not hit any ‘protective walls’ while they deliver as part of free world commerce.
Yes, there will be some disruption but the Brits have a unique ability to solve major and minor problems and get things done. Remember Dunkirk? The impossible made possible.
It must be hard for our prospective leaders to keep all the facts to themselves. They understand that any disclosure will bring about a hostile reaction from opponents, so they dig in.
I hope that contenders will have little difficulty in dealing with the most miserable cry of all ‘we are not ready’. After 3 years? Dunkirk took just a few days.
Derek M Staples
A bored 87-year-old retiree

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