Hugging robbers strike again


February 21, 2018

On the last day of their holiday, my brother and his wife were walking between the Arenal to the port in Jávea, at lunchtime, in broad daylight, when a young woman walked past them. She dropped to the ground, seemingly in pain, and asking for help.
Of course being decent people, my family went to help her. The woman proceeded to shower them with thanks, kisses and hugs… and you can guess the rest. She had my brother’s watch. My brother knew something was happening and kept pushing her away. They checked and their bag, wallet and phone, all were safe. A minute later, he realised his watch had gone – and so had the young woman.
The Guardia Civil were very kind and helpful, but the chance of getting his watch back is remote. My family were not hurt but feel sick about how they have been caught.
Everyone take care and be aware.

Christine Wood

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