Mis-sold apartment


February 17, 2018

The message must be ‘Buyer beware!’
Two years ago, we made a ‘Life-Time Purchase’ of an apartment in Benidorm.
We were sold this on the wonderful views from the third floor and a promise of a peaceful and tranquil retirement.
What we have had for the last 12 months is a yellow crane passing our balcony 15 to 20 times a day, a building site directly below us with all the accompanying noise including cutting of steel girders with an angle grinder. This is likely to continue for the next eight months until the new block is completed.
The reply to our complaints is ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’, but continue to pay your €300+ charges!
So much for the glossy brochure and the wonderful peaceful life they promised us.
We will continue to live with our curtains drawn to hide the crane and pay out to have our balcony enclosed to cut the noise
Is it fair?

Josephine Stacey

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