Here’s to another 50 years!


March 2

Dear Editor

Relocating to another country can be both exciting and challenging. It’s exciting, due to all of the new experiences to be had, places to see and people to meet. And perhaps a little daunting in part, due to seemingly ‘over bureaucratic’ procedures and tackling the lingo.

That’s why, having the Costa Blanca News for English-speaking residents is such a boon (and no doubt quite handy for those learning English, too!). Of course, we should all attempt to learn some español, if not only for our own satisfaction, but also to chat with Spanish friends and neighbours, etc. and perhaps helping to tackle ‘official’ processes. However, we’re undoubtedly all on different journeys with that!

Having read that the Costa Blanca News was to increase in price to €2.50, my first thought was, that it’s still incredibly good value. For the price of a couple of cafés con leche, you can buy a newspaper that’s always packed full of interesting and informative articles, including pieces on how to approach some bureaucratic processes, such as applying for the TIE card, etc. and keeping us informed of all the latest news.

I always look forward to reading about the wonderful walks that this beautiful country has to offer, the wildlife that lives here and the environment in which they live and reading the ‘Essential Spanish’ articles reminds me that there’s always more to learn! Knowing about the various charitable groups that help people and highlighting the many animal rescues groups that need homes for dogs, cats and other animals is also a wonderful use of the CBNews’ pages!

I believe that we are very fortunate to have the CBNews and I sincerely hope that it’s readership continues to grow. Here’s to another 50 years!

Garry Sheen

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