Dog attack on urbanisation


February 21

Dear Editor,

My daughter was attacked whilst riding her scooter on our urbanisation by a Belgian alsatian. The local police attended and made a report then advised us to go to Guardia Civil as local police only deal with traffic offences. I went to Guardia and they said because my daughter had not spent the night in hospital it was a civil matter hence I have got to get a lawyer to pursue the case.

My daughter has special needs and with Covid has been scared to leave the house so I purchased her an electric scooter for her to get out. She only used it on our urbanisation as she was too scared to go off it.

The dog lives with its owner on our urbanisation. It dragged her off her scooter causing her serious damage to her upper arm, everyone has said this dog will have hold of someone, unfortunately it was my daughter.

She will not leave the house now without me or my wife. My daughter is 31 years old but as I said has learning difficulties and the man who owns the dog still walks the dog without a muzzle around the urbanization. This cannot be right,

Kind regards,
Wayne Jackson

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