Health centre controversy


January 29

Surprising events took place in the plenary session of El Campello Town Hall in January.

Podemos presented two motions which did not have the support of the three party coalition in power.

The first of these motions called on all political parties to assume the ethical commitment to ask for the immediate resignation of those who breached the health vaccination protocols.

Furthermore, if a case of improper vaccination were to occur in the municipal corporation, the municipal services would initiate the necessary procedures to determine the corresponding administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities, as we believe that these are possible crimes of administrative malpractice and influence peddling.

While in other municipalities these same parties are asking for the resignation or suspending their officials, in El Campello they do not want to hear about the matter.

The second motion called for the reinforcement of the primary health care service in all health centres in the Valencia region and the reopening of the Muchavista health centre.

It seems unheard of that after supporting a collection of signatures to ask for the reopening of the health centre, they refuse to bring this request to the plenary session.

We could come to think that rather than seeking the reopening of said health centre, PP and Cs were only looking for political gain.

Circulo Podemos El Campello

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