Harrased by local police…again


April 9

I was stopped by a policeman again yesterday (the same one as before) on my walk to Mercadona and my bank. He asked me what I was doing, I said “I’m going to do my shopping and the bank”. He said, “Ok, but don’t walk any extra or else I will report you”. Remember the first time, I said, ‘no problem I only go once to the shop and only every second day.
I carried on and did my shopping. The police in the shops and around town are all good, it’s the ones in the police cars that seem to do whatever pleases them. After my shopping I went to my bank to get some info. I then started walking back home, I crossed the street to go up to the old town – lo and behold, who else but this awful officer came driving again, this time with his even more awful friend.
He stopped me again and demanded to see the receipt of my goods, even though he could see I was carrying a whole bag full of toilet rolls! I found the receipt and he started scowling at me. I then told him I also had to go to the bank over the street. He demanded I show proof of that… I took out the receipt, folded it so they couldn’t read the info, only the date… he had to accept that, I had to ask for the receipt back (I noticed he had peeped at the whole receipt), anyway he then told me off to your house at once as if I was a small kid…these guys aren’t more than about 40 I think. I couldn’t believe it, they walked after me and started cursing and shouting… I was shocked! Then one officer started swearing and said “F**k you.” WHAT??? Police!!! A lady living in one of the buildings, heard them and started talking to me, I told her how they behaved and bullied me, she was shocked.
By that time it looked as if they were a bit afraid and stopped their walk. I walked straight home, in shock. This is the third time this same officer has stopped me… there are other people walking around without any shopping but he doesn’t stop them. It seems as if he has decided to get me down – but he won’t… I will report this to the people in charge at the police when this is over… these men should not be allowed to be on duty, they are a shame for the police here in Villajoyosa, if they are from this place, who knows! I now read that I can demand a form of ID next time they stop me and I will and also take a photo of them, although I won’t forget how they look.

Mary-Ann Weiby

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