Valencia’s bumper budget for 2023


The regional government has announced a record budget for 2023 ‘to fight against inflation and the economic crisis’.

It will see them spend €28.4 billion, which is 1.7% more than this year.

Since the coalition – made up of the Socialist party (PSOE), Compromís and Unidos Podemos – came to power in 2015 they have increased spending by €10 billion, they stated.

Their priority is to ‘defend and protect the social shield’, with the lion’s share of the investment – a whopping €22 billion – for frontline services.

This translates to a spend of €50.2 million a day, with €22.6M every 24 hours for healthcare, €18.3M for education, €6.3M for equality, €1.9M for employment, and €1.1M for housing.

Vice-president Aitana Mas said their aim was ‘not to leave anyone behind’ and make people’s day to day lives a little better.

Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News

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